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  • Sovata Resort

    Sovata is a resort for all seasons, recognized on a European level since the year 1850. Its lakes with chlorinated and soda water – as well as their mud - have therapeutic properties for a variety of diseases, particularly for gynaecological diseases.

     Surrounded by hills forested with beech, hornbeam, elm, chestnut, pine and oak trees, and the Salt Mountain, the resort offers excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation. The climate is sub-alpine with cool summers and mild winters.

     The heliothermal lakes of Sovata

    Sovata’s lakes are famous for both their therapeutic effects and for the phenomenon of heliothermy. On the surface of the the salted water, there is a layer of fresh water from rainfall. This layer of fresh water does not mix with the salted water, but remains on the surface, acting as a thermal insulator. Thus, the lake water temperature varies depending on the solar heat accumulated by the salted water.

     The average summer temperature (July): 18.5 ° C

     The average temperature in winter (January): -3.5 ° C

     The temperature of the Bear Lake (in summer): 10-20 ° C at the surface | 30-40 ° C at a depth of 1m | 40-60 ° C at a depth of 1.5m

     We kindly wait for you in the heart of nature!